Detects apnea and auto-stimulates the foot to restart breathing


the problem


Preterm newborns are at risk of apneas, which is a cessation of breathing. If not resolved immediately, apneas can lead to irreversible injury or death.

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The Solution


The BEMPU ApneBoot detects bradycardia and desaturation in a newborn, sounds an alarm and automatically gives a tactile stimulation on the foot sole to resolve central apneas before prolonged hypoxia can cause injury.


BEMPU ApneBoot is a foot worn device which uses pulse oximetry to detect bradycardia and desaturation. It “flicks” and vibrates the foot sole of the newborn stimulating the nervous system to restart breathing in the event of an apnea. The device also creates an audio-visual alarm to get the caretaker’s attention. It empowers nurses and mothers to rapidly intervene before any injury can occur.

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Easy customization of parameters for alarm and stimulation.


Tracks history of apneic events.


Operates in two modes - as Apnea Resolver or only as a Monitor.



Technical Specifications

Download Technical Specifications of BEMPU ApneBoot





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