• Get alerted immediately if your baby stops breathing.

    Get alerted immediately if your baby stops breathing.

Why We Built the Belly Button...

Bringing a baby home can be nerve-wrecking...

No nurse? No monitors? No sleep? It can be overwhelming to think that you are now responsible for this little life.

A little peace of mind goes a long way...

You want to know your baby is OK, especially while you get your sleep or step into the other room. And if she's ever not OK, you want to know right away.

Monitoring a baby should be simple and available to everyone...

Newborn monitoring equipment is traditionally designed for hospitals making it bulky, expensive and complicated. But, you need something that's simple, effective and affordable. 

How The Button Works

The Button is clipped onto the baby's clothes or diaper. Once turned on, its internal sensors continuously monitor for breathing motion. 

If your baby is exhibiting normal breathing motion, Button will blink green letting you know that everything is OK.

If breathing motion stops for 20 seconds, Button will:

  • sound an alert to get your attention immediately,
  • blink red to visually cue you that something is wrong, 
  • automatically vibrate to help stimulate the baby and help restart breathing.

Button Features:

  • Vibration Response
    Button's vibrates against the baby if breathing stops. Physical stimulation has been known to help restart breathing in newborns and is regularly used by doctors monitoring babies in the hospital.

  • Accurate and Fast Response
    Because Button monitors physical motion, it easily can tell if the baby is or is not breathing much more accurately than a camera and quicker than an oxygen monitor.

  • Loud Alarm
    If your baby stops breathing, Button's sound alert will get your attention or wake you up even your baby is swaddled and in the next room. 
  • Easy-Clip Design
    The Button's clip is safe, simple, easy and quick to attach and remove from any clothing or diaper that your baby is wearing and does not fall off from its clipped position.
  • 100% Safe & Comfortable
    Button is built to international standards for skin safety and electronic emissions. We designed it to be small, sleek and comfortable for your baby. 

  • Long-lasting, Reliable Battery
    Button's battery lasts over 72 hours on one charge and can be fully recharged in less than an hour. 

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