BEMPU Health is Hiring Awesome Team Members!

At BEMPU Health, we deliver life-saving health innovations for babies around the world – and we need rockstars like you to join our team!

Our first product, the BEMPU TempWatch, prevents newborn death by alerting for hypothermia and infections early. The TempWatch was selected among TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Innovations of 2017 and has now reached to 12,000+ babies around the world.

However, with your help, we’ll scale this to reach more babies. Further, you will help us launch a pipeline of newborn products for kangaroo care promotion and monitoring, neonatal apnea, post-partum depression screening, and more.

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About the Positions:

We are hiring for the following positions in Bangalore (except where a different location is noted).More details follow.

Business, Sales and Clinical

1. Chief Operating Officer

2. International Sales Manager

3. Marketing Manager

4. Key Account Manager (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata).

5. Clinical Affairs Manager

6. Psychologist

7. HR Advisor/Manager

8. Research Associate

Technical Positions

9. Industrial Design Manager

10. New Product Manager (ElectroMechanical)

11. Production Engineering Manager

12. Quality Manager

13. Quality Engineer

14. Product Designer

15. Product Engineer (Electro Mechanical)

16. Community Operations & Impact Lead

17. Operations & User Research Lead

What you’ll get by working at BEMPU Health:

  • You’ll be integral to improving the health of thousands of children in India and the world.

  • You’ll work with a passionate and skilled team driven to change the world for the better.

  • You have opportunities to grow, lead and shape a company. We aim to develop your career.

  • Salary and incentives commensurate with experience.

How to Apply


  • Business Unit Head – You will have overall responsibility for the P&L for our product portfolio managing private, international, and online sales, and marketing. 15+ years of sales experience with experience in healthcare and new product launches.
  • Private Sales Manager – You will be responsible for building a team to sell our products in private hospitals around India. 8+ years of healthcare sales experience.
  • International Business Manager – You will be responsible for building and executing our international business strategy. 8+ years of sales experience with a preference for international experience.
  • Marketing Manager – You will drive the overall marketing strategy for our product portfolio to support sales in a variety of channels. You will also manage our digital marketing. 8+ years of sales or marketing experience with a preference for healthcare experience.
  • Government Key Account Manager (Mumbai, Delhi) – You will interface regularly with State Government and National Health Mission Officials to introduce our products and generate regional business with the government. 4-6+ years of sales experience with a preference of experience in a leading pharma company or with government experience.
  • Clinical Affairs Manager – You and your team will support sales and marketing for new and existing products by overseeing clinical affairs including clinical studies, key relationship building, concept selling and more. 5+ years experience in medical affairs management preferably with experience working with CROs and sales teams. Degrees in fields such as Pharmacology or Healthcare Management or Dentist Healthcare Management.
  • Clinical Associate – You will work closely with our design and engineering team to advise on clinical aspects of our existing and new products, as well as research various initiatives and work with our research work. MBBS degree and experience with pediatrics is preferred.
  • Psychologist Consultant – You will be part of a team aiming to develop a simple but effective method for screening mothers in government hospitals for post-partum depression. Experience with post-partum depression, research and/or innovation development is preferred.
  • HR Advisor/Manager - You will act as an organizational development liaison and advisor to BEMPU’S leadership team and facilitates people initiatives across the organization.10 + years’ experience in HR especially in recruitment, performance management, employee engagement as a team leader/manager.
  • Research Associate - You will be executing and coordinating multiple clinical research studies and impact evaluations for ongoing products and interventions for mothers and children. The individual will have to competent in clinical study design, protocol development, working with institutions for approvals, monitoring of studies, handling issues, reporting of results, and publishing of results. The person will work closely with our clinical lead, clinical advisors, partner institutions and more to help build evidence around out interventions. Experience with clinical research or a good understanding of evidence based medical technology is essential for this role.


  • New Product Manager (Design) – You will be overseeing the development of one or more products for kangaroo care and or hypothermia management from customer insights through product development to first sale. 5+ years industrial design experience preferably with experience leading teams.
  • New Product Manager (ElectroMechanical) – You will be overseeing the development of one or more products for kangaroo care and or hypothermia management from customer insights through product development to first sale. 5+ years product development experience preferably with ISO 13485 experience and experience leading teams.
  • Production Engineering Manager – You will be responsible for managing production of at least two products including forecasting, vendor management, and team coordination. You will also be responsible for resolving engineering issues and opportunities alongside R&D team members. 5+ year of electromechanical engineering or production experience.
  • Quality Manager – You will be responsible for ISO 13485 certification and overall management of our quality management systems for design and manufacturing. 5+ years of quality experience preferably with medical devices.
  • Quality Associate – You will support the quality manager reviewing documents, production, design decisions for quality aspects and compliance with the Quality Management System. 2+ years of quality experience preferably with medical devices, production, or electromechanical products.
  • Product Designer – You will garner customer insights and convert them into functional prototypes and eventually iterate into sellable impactful products. Your focus will largely be in tools for kangaroo care and newborn hypothermia management. 1+ years of industrial design experience.
  • Product Engineer (Electro Mechanical) – You will be responsible for the electromechanical design of our kangaroo care and vital monitoring tools. You will work closely with our customers, design team and quality management system. 2-8 years of electromechanical engineering experience preferably with medical device and ISO 13485 experience.
  • Community Operations and Impact Lead - The Community Operations and Impact lead will be responsible for the implementation and performance of impact studies conducted in government hospitals and communities around Karnataka and Telangana for our Baby Home Monitoring Service, Post-Partum Depression Screening program and more. The resource will need to interact with government hospital doctors and nurses, ASHA workers, and NGO partners; and will lead data collection and measurement efforts for the impact studies. We are looking for a person with a few years of experience in the social sector and keen to work in the pediatric and maternal health space. They should have successfully managed a few outreach/engagement projects in the communities. A working knowledge of Kannada and/or Telugu, and Hindi would be an advantage in the role.
  • Operations and User Research Lead - The Operations and User Experience Lead is responsible for the day-to-day operations of BabyOnTrack, an online support and counselling platform for parents of babies less than one year old. The resource ensures customer satisfaction through reliable operations, and proactive customer management. S/he is responsible for optimizing operations and user engagement, ensuring development and execution of SOPs, recording and monitoring performance metrics and maintaining service delivery while reducing costs. The lead will interact with a team of nurses and pediatric doctors on a regular basis, and would be responsible to ensure clear and easy communication between these parties. S/he will also be responsible for collecting feedback from new parents, and conducting customer research to identify new service offerings, and features. BabyOnTrack is a new service launched by BEMPU, and is in its initial stages of product development. Hence the role is dynamic in nature, and will evolve as the product offering grows.
  • Interns – We are recruiting interns in the fields of product design, graphical design, social media, and engineering. You should be available for a minimum of 5 months.


  • Executive Assistant – You will manage clerical and logistical activities for the CEO and leadership team.
  • Office Assistant – You will manage various logistical, purchase-related, office errands for the various team members.