At BEMPU Health, we believe that every newborn deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life.

To enable this, we offer life-saving products that help babies around the world.


The BEMPU TempWatch monitors a baby's temperature and alerts the parent to warm their baby/ provide KMC when hypothermic.

The BEMPU KangaSling is a wearable device that lets a caretaker perform prolonged Kangaroo Care (method of skin to skin care) with ease.


A novel detection and stimulation device that helps automatically resolve neonatal apnea.

A Uterine Balloon Tamponade system that helps manage and treat postpartum hemorrhage



About 2.5 million babies die within their first month of life

65% of all Neonatal Deaths are associated with Neonatal Hypothermia


2 of 3 newborns can be saved using simple innovations like TempWatch and KangaSling



Newborns Reached


Lives Saved*


Health Workers Empowered


Health Facilities using Bempu

* Lives Saved is currently estimated at 4% of all babies given the bracelet. LANCET suggests 19-42% of all newborn deaths could be averted by thermal management. With a 3% death rate for all newborns, this comes to ~1% reduction for all newborns (however our bracelet is given to LBWs which have a higher death rate). Our Rajasthan study suggested a 7% of LBW newborns wearing the band were saved. More studies are required for an accurate estimate.


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Dr. Archana Bilagi
St. Philomena’s, Bangalore


Dr. Ranjan Pejavar
Meenakshi Hospital, Bangalore


Dr. Sanjay Wazir
Cloudnine Care, Gurgaon

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Doctor Testimonials

The TempWatch has really helped reduce stress for parents once they leave the controlled environment of the NICU. The TempWatch reassures them that their baby’s temperature is within the normal range.

- Dr. Sanjay Wazir, Clinical Advisor

Parent Testimonials

The TempWatch was very easy to use. We never had to worry about the baby’s temperature dropping as the TempWatch would alarm and let us know when to warm our baby.

- Vineeth Joseph, Bempu Parent

We didn't expect to have a preterm baby, so when we did, we were quite overwhelmed. We bought a TempWatch based on a recommendation from our doctor. It made us feel like we had a doctor at home and helped us manage our baby's health very smoothly!

- Mahesh and Kavitha, Bempu Parents