• Small babies get cold easily. 

    Cold babies lose blood sugar, stop growing and get sick. The TempWatch is the first bracelet to be able to detect hypothermia early in newborns.

Why We Built the TempWatch...

Low temperature is a common reason for hospital admissions...

As a biomedical engineer from Stanford, I spent years working alongside pediatricians. It turns out one of the most common reasons a doctor would hospitalize a baby was if it had low temperature (hypothermia). That’s because hypothermia is dangerous - for every 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree celsius) drop in body temperature, a baby’s risk of injury or death increases by 80%! 

Hypothermia happens often...

Unfortunately, hypothermia occurs very often because small babies have more surface area with which to lose heat, less weight with which to maintain heat, and they can’t generate warmth quickly or shiver like we adults can. Low temperature is also a symptom for newborns who have fallen to low blood-sugar levels, and for those who have an infection (that’s right, in the first months of life, infections can cause temperature to drop, not increase!).

It's not easy to prevent...

So, just keep your baby warm, right? But it’s not so easy because the consequences of hypothermia start when your baby’s body temperature drops just 1 degree F, and this can happen even when your baby is wrapped or you are asleep. 

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"Our vision to end preventable newborn injuries due to hypothermia. To do this, we developed the TempWatch for all babies around the world."
- Ratul Narain, Inventor & Founder
Read Our Coverage in the Economic Times!

How It Works

The TempWatch uses a medical-grade sensor to continuously monitor your baby's temperature. The bracelet:

  • blinks blue if your baby is adequately warm
  • blinks red and plays alert sounds if your baby is cold, so you can warm your baby before any injury can occur. 
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The TempWatch has protected 60,000 babies in 14 countries.

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