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The BEMPU band has helped prevent hypothermia and other complications in 10,000 babies around the world. 

The BEMPU device monitors your baby’s health continuously for one month. If your baby is ever too cold, it wakes you up so you can warm your baby before any serious injury can occur. 

Warm babies sleep better, grow better and have fewer complications. 

BEMPU lets you know when your baby needs warmth. 

Why your baby needs it

Small babies, especially those that are premature or under 2.5 KG, get cold really easily. When they get cold, babies use all their energy to keep warm instead of growing normally. This can stunt your baby's growth and long-term potential.

That's why we developed BEMPU Bracelet. It's a simple, accurate bracelet which lets you know if your baby is too cold so you can warm the baby and be the best parent you can be. 


  • Helps babies gain weight faster and avoid stunting.
  • Helps babies sleep better. 
  • Allows parents to catch hypothermia early.


  • One band protects your baby day and night for 1 month.
  • Built in battery does not require replacement or recharging.
  • Fits babies up to 3.3 KG.
  • Completely safe and ISO 10993 compliant material.

How It Works

  • BEMPU blinks a calm blue light if your baby's temperature is normal
  • BEMPU plays a tune and blinks an orange light if the temperature is cold.
  • If cold, swaddle or perform kangaroo care until the blue light returns.
  • Your baby is protected day and night for an entire month.

For a special online only price of Rs. 2,000.00,
your baby will be receiving the world's best care from the world's best parents.

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