Our Story

Bempu Health is a public health organization funded by the Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, USAID's Saving Lives at Birth, and others. We received our first grant from the Gates Foundation in November 2014 after spending a year in the field meeting with more than 100 pediatricians and neonatologists around India to learn more about the true problems in newborn health care. We worked with doctors to brainstorm solutions, then built + tested prototypes, and now we are distributing our health tech. innovations.

Our first innovation is the Bempu Hypothermia Monitoring Device – a novel neonatal hypothermia monitoring bracelet. Our device is built to serve areas where temperature monitoring is often overlooked due to understaffed hospitals and unaware or uneducated parents.  The device alerts in the event of neonatal hypothermia through an intuitive audio-visual alarm, which promotes corrective actions like Kangaroo Mother Care (skin-to-skin contact) and swaddling, as well as positive health-seeking behaviors. 

We are a team of passionate and skilled health advocates working together to build technologies that will drastically improve global health. We are currently a team of 15 with expertise in biomedical and mechanical engineering, product design, medical electronics engineering, marketing & operations management, and public health.

As of Summer 2016, our BEMPU Bracelet has protected 1000+ babies in approximately 150 centers across India!