Help us, and we'll help you.

At BEMPU Health, we are a small team of passionate and rebellious innovators. Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere, but with your help we can achieve our vision to provide all children a chance to live full and healthy lives

Reasons to partner with us:

  1. Clinically tested, innovative, award-winning device which solves an untapped problem.

  2. Low Risk - we offer a low M.O.Q. and a healthy incentive structure to drive market penetration, distribution, and impact. 

  3. Receive all clinical training and materials from us. We will ensure you are equipped with all the right tools.

  4. We want to create a win-win situation for everyone: for us, for you, and for our critical low-weight newborn babies.

If you are interested in marketing & distributing the BEMPU Bracelet in your region, please follow 3 simple steps: 

  1.  Fill out complete details below.

  2.  After verifying your details, you will receive a personal coupon code via e-mail.

  3. Use that coupon code to purchase your BEMPU Bracelets directly from our website. Apply code at check-out.

  • Coupon code will work only if you first register your company below. Unregistered users will not be able to apply any code at check-out.